My name is Daniele Di Mitri, I am a 26-years-old  learning technologist. I was born in Bari, Italy, then moved in Maastricht in The Netherlands. Europe feels like my homeland right now, but I am taking courses as I want to become a global citizen. 

My overarching mission is to shift current Education and Learning paradigms by leveraging the potentials of data and technology and by following inclusive pedagogy and ethical practices. Education is the main driving force of societal development because it shapes individuals, transmits values and brings about change. Education is the means by which men and women deal critically and creatively with reality and discover how to participate in the transformation of their world (Freire, 2000).  

My interest in Education, particularly secondary education, starts around at the age of 14. I was student representative and student union activist at local, national and international level. I was in the board of an European youth NGO called OBESSU and I contributed to educational policy development with institutions like European Commission, OECD, UNESCO. Later I was vice-president of the Lifelong Learning Platform with portfolia in digital learning and active citizenship.

My field of study is technology: I completed a master in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Maastricht, where I learnt about robotics, intelligent agents, data analysis and machine learning. I am now a PhD student at the Welten Institute of the Open University in the Netherlands where I research about data science in education,multimodal data, learning analytics, machine learning, wearable sensor support. Through wearable sensors and data mining techniques, we are investigating whether bio-data like heart-rate are good predictors for learning and working productivity. The focus of my research are the Learning Analytics, in particular I am interested to understand human learning through machine learning and information visualization. My bachelor thesis (Computer science at University of Bari - Italy) investigates how to use data and generate Learning Analytics to foster formative assessment by generating feedback and raising awareness both in teachers and learners.

My work experience is also in the field of technology. I started as web developer and graphic designer. At the age of 19 I founded my own web-agency start-up Dimstudio which in five years has provided businesses and organizations with ad-hoc web solutions and modern websites. Last summer I was selected as Extreme Blue intern at IBM Amsterdam: there in a team of four people, I prototyped the Ziggo Drone, an Emergency Autonomous Hotspot Drone whose function was to bring Wi-Fi connectivity on-demand.  


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