New Seminar: Responsible AI for Human Support 2021

On 15th April 2021, I will be starting a new seminar (summer semester) as part of the Bachelor and Master of Computer science of Goethe University Frankfurt. The seminar consists of 5 ECTS and will be run within the course offer.

Summary: Many concepts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) such as “machine learning” or “artificial neural networks” are inspired by human intelligence. Most of the applications people use every day are powered by human data such as movie streaming apps, speech recognition, machine translation or music recommendations. But can we design AI tools which can support humans in their decision and augment human abilities in day-to-day life? In this seminar, we will focus on different ways in which AI can support human decisions and activities, with a particular focus on education and human learning. We will look at the opportunities that AI brings to humans as well as the connected risks. We will delve into the assumptions, models and principles which need to be embedded in the AI system to make them fair, trustable, explainable and understandable for the user.