#JTELSS16 summer school in 10 tweets



Knowledge exchange among researchers not necessarily should happen in formal scientific conferences but can also include less formal and more fun moments. It is in this spirit that the Joint Technology Enhanced Learning Summer School was ideated, to give a space to PhDs and young researchers for peer learning, to exchange views, practices and receive feedback. And of course also have a break from work and have fun. This is what JTEL was about, and I admit I really liked it as it foster cooperation and knowledge sharing for the researcher working in the technology enhanced learning field.

This year's JTEL took place in Estonia from the 19th to the 24th of June, close to the cold Baltic sea. As usual on dimstudio.org, this post wraps up the highlights of with 10 tweets. 

Welcome at Roosta Village

Keynote speaker

OUNL takes the stage

Augmented Reality

Tribute to important people

Intercultural learning & fun moments

Family picture

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