MOBIUS - reinventing smart mobility


Since November 2019 in my postdoc at CAROU of the Open University of the Netherlands, I am working on a SafeCity project called MOBIUS - modelling smart and safe MOBIlity for Urban Sustainability.

There together with the help of Khaleel and HansBambel we are creating an app for remote tracking. By collecting smartphone's sensors such as accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS coordinates, the MOBIUS is able to classify accurately the means of transportation used by the citizens of a city. 

The MOBIUS app is an example of smart-mobility applications, which, by collecting crowdsourcing data, could be able to provide more insights into how people move around an urban area. The app will be hopefully trialled in the city of Heerlen in The Netherlands. 

NEXUS project - Virtual Assistant for Police officers

Since February 2020 I am working on NEXUS - Virtual Assistant for Police officers (Techruption).  The idea is to develop a speech-based virtual assistant which would help the police officers to have a more detailed briefing of the current situation in town. The NEXUS assistant could connect to the Police database and provide personalised recommendations to a single police officer. 
Project partners are  iLAB Politie Nederland, Open University of The Netherlands, BISS Maastricht University. 

MyHealthData @ PNI2019

MyHealthData - medical data always with you. The team: Riccardo Ravallese, Luigi Moretti, Daniele Di Mitri.

On the 28-29th November 2019 I am attending PNI Cube (PNI: National Innovation Plan) the largest Italian yearly startup competition, this year taking place in Catania, Sicily. I will be there to support my team (in photo) for pitching and presenting MyHealthData (MyHD) an innovative startup idea which proposes a user-centric solution for managing medical data.

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